Solar Panels


Solar panels – heat your home for free

Solar water heating. Get the benefits of free energy from sunlight with Solarfocus solar panels and collectors. These Solar collectors are effective even in our overcast conditions, transforming the light from the sun into thermal energy that can be used to heat your property for free.

The wonderful features of Solarfocus solar thermal panels heating solutions are as follows:

  • Excellent workmanship
  • The use of only top-quality materials
  • Suitable for universal applications such as, DHW preparation, solar heating support, swimming pool heating

Start saving money and energy today with this Solarfocus solar heating solution. How do Solar panels work? You can find out more about our range below, or contact us on the details found on the contact page for an estimate on solar panels cost.

Solar panel service – Solar panel servicing is recommended every 2-3 years.






CPC collector – Solar water heater

  • Has a consistently high yield over decades due to sealed construction
  • With optimal exploitation of light at a low angle
  • Has no ventilation holes – no plastics – no wood – no insulation – no rubber seals
  • Comes with a 10-year guarantee against condensation
  • PDF download here






Sunnyline collector

  • This slim line solar heating panel to suit every available space
  • Sealed construction. No plastic – no wood – no rubber seals
  • Has a Highly selective blue-line full-area copper absorber
  • PDF download here







SUNeco collector

  • This is a cost effective Solar heating Panel
  • Sealed construction. No plastic – no wood – no rubber seals
  • Highly selective absorber coating applied
  • PDF download here