Heat pump

Vamp air Coming Soon………

After three years of intensive research of development. Solarfocus have brought their own vamp air, an air source heat pump on the market. In order to facilitate long-term testing at different temperatures, separate climate chambers were built. They have found that particularly in the new buildings, in buildings without a basement, or at low heating flow temperatures, a heat pump is an attractive heating solution for the homeowner.

Energy is in the air
vamp air sucks in the ambient air, and converts it into usable heat energy. This heat pump uses the air as a natural energy source and performs as a reverse refrigerator.

Many innovative technical solutions convince
It was very important to Solarfocus to have a quiet operating heat pump. The superfighter inside impresses with its quiet technology and optimal efficiency. In addition to the highly efficient radial-axial fan, there are sound-reducing louvres additionally installed. There is a very generously dimensioned slat evaporator with a hydrophilic coating to additionally reduce the noise and improves the heat transfer from the air to the refrigerant.

Even with temperatures down to -25°C still allow vamp air to operate efficiently. This has been made possible by the modulating compressor, which is equipped with a unique intermediate steam injection, meaning even at low temperatures outside, it achieves excellent efficiency.

The vampair uses inverter technology and adapts the heating capacity flexibly to the heat demands of the building. Customers will benefit from the accurate and flexible performance adjustment at any time of the year.

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