Fresh Water Modules


Hydraulic interface unit (HIU) hot water generated instantly.

(HIU) unit which transfers heat from the buffer tank to the fresh water as it flows through the heat exchanger. The required fresh water temperature can be adjusted up or down and is monitored and kept constant by the use of an electronic controller. Only the amount of DHW you require at the exact moment will flow through the FWM.







  • There is no electronic control required
  • High efficiency pump with fast flow detection system
  • Recirculation configuration Optional
  • Available with flow rates ranging from 20 and 30 l/min.
  • PDF download here







  • Electronic control regulates varying flow temperatures and volume flows so that it achieves a constant hot water temperature
  • With top stratification of the heating water, comes a high-efficiency, speed-controlled pump and PT1000 sensor
  • Optionally with re-circulation
  • Available ranges with the following flow rates are: 26, 40, 50, 63, 75, 95 l/min
  • PDF download here