New Solar PV (Photovoltaic) Grant

New grant for Solar PV

We are delighted to hear that there is a new offer to homeowners for a grant of up to €3,800 towards the installation of Solar PV panels and battery energy storage systems in Ireland.

These Solar PV panels will reduce the electricity you currently consume  from your electricity provider. The Grant is only available to all  home owners of houses built and occupied before 2011.

The grant is available from Tuesday 31st July 2018.

Please contact us for a home inspection.

Link to SEAI website:

Link to install:

Support Scheme for Renewable Heat

Ireland is launching it’s own Support Scheme for 15 years (SSRH) for companies heating their buildings using renewable material, such as wood pellets, wood chip & logs.

All quotes issued by us so far has a return of investment within the first 5 years, meaning the remaining 10 years is free heating for the company, guaranteed by the Irish Government.

Please see link to SEAI page relating to the scheme:

 Hurry, and don’t sit on the fence. Contact us for more information.

Solar panel servicing

Solar Panel Servicing  & Solar Tube Servicing 

We service all solar panels and solar tubes. If your panels or tubes are not heating your water, it might not just be your solar panels or tubes that are the issue.

Please contact us to arrange a site visit and diagnosis.

Common issues with Dual fuel boiler

Common Issues we come across

We were called out to a dual fuel boiler that was making “funny” noises. When we checked the boiler and took the fan out we can see the effects wet logs can have on a boiler (tar). Amongst other checks and repairs, the fan needed to be cleaned down, the back of the boiler opened up and the heat exchangers taken out and cleaned. The heat exchangers can be seen in the below picture, through the hole where the fan is normally situated.

Please do not put even 1 wet log in, as it has the same effects on the boiler as all logs being wet.